Activity-In-Focus (AIF): Guide to Zip-Lining in Whistler

Jul 29

People travel to Whistler in the summer time to experience nature and celebrate the mountain's natural beauty. Whether it's hiking, horseback riding, or kayaking, Whistler has a plethora of summer activities that you and your friends can enjoy. One often overlooked summer activity in Whistler is zip-lining. Most travellers have the famous Peak-2-Peak Gondola first on their travel list when in-fact with zip-lining you can experience Whistler's breathtaking landscape while flying exhilaratingly down a cable. 

Talk about 'breathtaking' in more ways than one.

To all our Sklynx Whistler Explorers, this is a simple guide to zip-lining in Whistler where we will detail two of the most popular zip-line providers around Whistler Village.

Ziptrek Ecotours

Established in 2001, Ziptrek Ecotours has garnered multiple awards for their excellent zipline adventure tours and commitment to sustainable eco-development. They are located directly above Whistler Village with their primary booking office conveniently stationed at Carelton Lodge. One of the most celebrated zip-line tours offered by Ziptrek Ecotours is 'The Sasquatch Tour.' It’s the longest zipline in North America spanning over 2 kilometers or 7000 feet, with a drop-height of 1,600 feet at the launch!

The Sasquatch Tour is priced at $129.00 CAD for Adults (13+) and $109 for Children (10-12). Ziptrek is open of business currently and have Covid-19 safety protocols in place for their customers. 

Company Website: https://whistler.ziptrek.com/

Superfly Ziplines

Superfly Ziplines is another hotspot for Whistler adventurers year-round. Located at Cougar Mountain just 10 minutes drive from Whistler Village, Superfly Ziplines offers one epic zipline tour to its customers. The tour lasts 3 hours and showcases 2 of Canada's longest ziplines at over 1 kilometer in length, 600 feet in height, and speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour.  

Superfly Zipline Tour will set you back $154.99 CAD for Adults and $104.99 CAD for Children (12 years & under). Be sure to take advantage of Superfly's Early-Bird Pricing at $124.99 CAD for Adults and $104.99 CAD for Children when booked for 9:00 am time slots. Superfly Zipline Tours has Covid-19 safety procedures in place for all guests. 

Company Website: 


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