Skylynx Covid-19 Safety Protocol

Our Covid-19 Safety Action Plan to ensure all of us ride safe, ride smart and ride with confidence together as a community. 

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  • Personal Protective Equipment

    All drivers and staff wear PPE. 

  • Physical-Distancing

    On-boarding & Off-loading protocols, buses operating at reduced capacity and designated seating assignments ensure physical-distancing measures are active throughout your entire journey.



  • Sanitization & Disinfecting

    Hand sanitzer stations on-board all our motor coaches. All buses are sanitized and deep-cleaned with disinfectants recommended by PHAC and CDC. 

    • As we open up the Summer Season, we wanted to take time to revisit our Covid-19 safety action plan to ensure all our travelers understand our extreme clean commitment to our staff, clients and customers. The health and safety of our employees, passengers, and the people within our community has always been and continues to be our top priority. We have entered an unprecedented era as a society where our sense of normalcy has been disrupted and conventional ‘rules of engagement’ like handshakes are being discarded. It is important during these times for us to stay connected collectively and stand united to support one another as we navigate through this new reality together. 

      YVR Skylynx recognizes that as one of the leading transportation operators in British Columbia, we have an obligation to our stakeholders for upholding the highest public health safety standards as recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We have implemented a company-wide ‘Extreme Clean Initiative’ that supplements our daily sterile and sanitization process with the following safety measures and best practices.

    • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

      Our safety division has worked diligently in securing a partnership that would provide our firm with constant periodic supply of PPE for all Skylynx employees, staff and drivers. All YVR Skylynx motor coaches come equipped with our Covid-19 Safety Kit, which include the following items:

      • Anti-bacterial disinfectant
      • Hand sanitizer strategically stationed at door entry for ease of access for drivers, travelers and passengers when boarding the coach.
      • Driver partition shields installed on all motor coaches to safeguard the well-being of both our valued drivers and passengers on board. 

    • PPE

    • Partition Shields

    • Temperature Checks

    • Physical Distancing Practices

      YVR Skylynx has implemented a set of physical distancing measures to ensure the safety of our passengers. We closely monitor the safety guidelines recommended by both the PHAC and CDC and revise our protocols accordingly to new information as it pertains to our best practices. New onboarding procedures mandate physical distancing of at least 2 meters (6.5 ft) between travelers adhering to the physical distancing guidelines recommended by leading global health organizations. All our coaches will be operating at reduced occupancy to further cement our physical distancing measures. Inside the bus, we have stickers clearly distinguishing which seats to use and which seats to avoid. As always, members of the same household are permitted to sit together. Clear signs are posted at the entry way of all our motor coaches instructing passengers to maintain physical distancing and to follow onboarding instructions as we fill the coach from the rear to the front.

    • On-Boarding & Off-Loading Protocols

    • Stickers with assigned seating to maintain physical-distancing.

    • Hand Sanitizer Stations

    • Ride safe, ride smart and ride with confidence with YVR Skylynx!

    • Sanitization & Disinfecting Protocol

      All YVR Skylynx motor coaches are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants laboratory-tested to kill bacteria on environmental surfaces. All coach interiors including the restroom, driver and passenger cabins are wiped down extensively with anti-bacterial disinfectant and sanitized with disinfectant spray with extra emphasis on high-touch points including entrance handrails, parcel rack handrails, door latches, windows, faucet, passenger seat headrests, armrests, seat belts and seat accessories. All sanitizers used for onboard sanitation are tested to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses. For an extra-layer of protection, our YVR Skylynx fleet is deep-cleaned with our specialized Ozone Sterilization System (OSS) for further sterilization. The OSS utilizes oxidization to sterilize and destroy germs, bacteria, viruses and microbes alike on both surfaces and in the air. Ozone sterilization also promotes a residue-free environment that may result from overuse of liquid detergent cleaning agents providing a safe and clean environment for all our drivers and passengers.

    • Safety Kit & Checklist

    • Ozone Sterilization System (OSS)

    • Disinfectant & Sanitization Agents

    • Wash & Cleaning Facility

    • It is our mission at YVR Skylynx to provide you first-rate transportation with first-class service at customer-first prices. Besides getting you to your destination on time and in-comfort, we are committed to going the extra mile to keep a clean and safe environment for all our customers so we all can…


      Ride safe, ride smart and ride with confidence.