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2023/24 Winter & Spring Season (Nov 22, 2023 - Apr 17, 2024)
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Ticket name Service Type Standard price Flexi ticket price

Vancouver Downtown to Whistler / Squamish (One-Way)

Skylynx $32.00 $35.00

Vancouver Downtown to Whistler / Squamish (Round-Trip)

Skylynx $42.00 $46.00

Vancouver Downtown to Whistler EXPRESS (One-Way)

Skylynx Express $37.00 $40.00

Vancouver Downtown to Whistler EXPRESS (Round-Trip)

Skylynx Express $47.00 $50.00

YVR Vancouver Airport to Whistler / Squamish (One-Way)

Skylynx $55.00 $59.00

YVR Vancouver Airport to Whistler / Squamish (Round-Trip)

Skylynx $75.00 $79.00

YVR Vancouver Airport to Whistler EXPRESS (One-Way)

Skylynx Express $65.00 $70.00

YVR Vancouver Airport to Whistler EXPRESS (Round-Trip)

Skylynx Express $85.00 $90.00

Squamish to Whistler (One-Way)

Skylynx $32.00 $35.00

Squamish to Whistler (Round-Trip)

Skylynx $42.00 $46.00


Standard tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.


Flexible tickets are refundable and changeable up to 24-hours before day of departure. 


Express service is a direct transfer to Whistler without any in-between stops in Downtown Vancouver and Squamish. 


Children aged between 6 to 12 years old are 50%-off the adult price.


Enfants below the age of 6 ride for free.  

To November 21, 2023

Skylynx Express Service

YVR Skylynx offers direct shuttle transport between YVR Vancouver Airport and Whistler without any stops in Downtown Vancouver (Burrard Skytrain Station & Pacific Central Station) and Squamish for a continuous b-line service direct to Whistler from the Vancouver Airport.

The Skylynx Express Service utilizes a fleet of premium 11-passenger Mercedes sprinter vans and deluxe 24-passenger mini-bus coaches for maximum passenger comfort and travel flexibility. Our Express Service will also come with our 100% complimentary Door-2-Door (D2D) service that will provide pick-up(s) and drop-off(s) at all hotel resorts in the Whistler Village Area.

Please feel free to email us at info@yvrskylynx.com or give us a call at our hotline at +1-604-326-1616 should you have any further questions or requests regarding our new Skylynx Express Service.

For full details of the hotel and lodging we serve, please click the link below.

Other Products

Products available for any booking

  • Bikes

    First bike is FREE. Extra bikes will be $10 per bike. 


    Bikes must be in a box or protective bag. 

    10 after 1 bike allotment.
  • Skis, Boards or Golf Clubs

    First set of skis / snowboard is FREE.


    Any additional will be $10 per item. 

    10 after 1 set allotment.
  • Additional Luggage

    First 2 pieces of luggage are free.


    Any additional are $10 per item. 

    10 after 2 bag allotment.